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Leadership and Life Experience

Hello Neighbors,


I'm a dedicated public servant who has worked at every level of government, where I've advocated for those in need and sought to advance or change policies to aid them. My extensive public service makes me more than qualified to serve as your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for district 8E03.


As the founding chapter president of Blacks In Government, I advocated for minority employees who were not getting the same access to advanced training opportunities or promotions into leadership positions as their counterparts. In addition, I helped minority farmers gain access to much-needed funding programs like the $1B School Lunch programs the Department of Agriculture offers to big corporate farmers.


At the State level, I helped draft policies for small businesses to gain access to state contracting dollars and legislation protecting young lives with a bicycle helmet law, which later included motorcycles. Moreover, while serving as Director of Constituent Services for former At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange, I crisscrossed all eight Wards, where I assisted one resident get relief from a developer who damaged her property during their renovations. I helped a former dance instructor in Bunker Hill when her neighbor flooded her basement and damaged her dance outfits and other irreplaceable garments and items. In addition, I attended numerous ANC and Civic Association meetings on behalf of the Councilmember and was available to all.  One of my proudest moments was when I advocated for District G.E.D. Graduates to obtain their High School diplomas like neighboring Maryland and Virginia, creating opportunities for District youth to advance their educational and employment careers. 


As a homeless survivor and trauma recoveree, I have been a staunch advocate for the homeless in my work with Covenant House Greater Washington, where I've worked to help teenagers and young adults get back on their feet with housing, finishing their education, or finding employment. Having suffered briefly from trauma myself, I'm poised to address the mental health crisis that impacts the lives of so many, including our homeless and unemployed, through my own life experiences.  My passion for serving and caring for people is measured by my care for my elderly mother; it's what makes me a servant and not a politician. 

God Bless,

Kelly Mikel Williams