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  • Public Safety is the number one issue across our community. Gun violence is crippling our neighborhood and causing many residents to live in fear and confinement. I'll work with MPD and government agencies to increase the number of patrols and officers in our Ward to provide a safe and walkable community.

  • I'll seek to establish workforce/economic development through public and private partnerships designed to help individuals to get in or return to the workforce. I will work with these entities and seek their commitment to providing job training, mentoring, and support - for residents seeking employment - to help our community.

  • Housing is a human right. And affordable housing is a must! Housing for our seniors and families with children is one of my priorities. As a single father and homeless survivor, family is job one, and ensuring the security of our seniors and children is a commitment I will never stop working for.

  • Events have spotlighted addictions and other health concerns in our communities. As a trauma recoveree, I know firsthand the pressure when dealing with a life-altering event. I will work to bring resources to protect our residents and get the healthcare our community needs to overcome the trauma, and work for a better tomorrow.

Hello Ward 8: 

On October 6, 2022, the DC Council held a public hearing on the bill Financial Literacy Education in Schools Amendment Act of 2021. The bill's purpose is to establish a pilot course in DCPS for 11th/12th graders to learn financial literacy concepts. From credit history and scores to investment and retirement, areas that many people are not always well-versed in.  As a result, I want to invite you to join me in providing comments and suggestions to the DC Council to help make this a better bill. We may have taught our children about finances, but many of our Ward 8 students may never get this in-depth opportunity to learn how to manage their money and put themselves in a better position to prosper. We owe it to our children and Ward to create economic opportunities for the future. You don’t have to know finance. All you have to do is care. So, share your views. I’m committed to a community working together for a better tomorrow. Please email me your comments by Sunday, October 16, 2022, and I will compile all comments into one document and submit them to Chairman Mendelson’s office to be included in the record and reviewed for amendments to the bill. Thank you in advance for your willingness to participate and make a difference for our children and community.

Below are just two of my recommendations:

1. The financial literacy program should begin in 9th grade and focus

one or two areas of finance for the entire year to give the students not just a cursory knowledge but a working and usury ability. This allows them to fully grasp the concepts of finance and how it works for and against them. By focusing on a specific area, the students are able to gain valuable knowledge as they learn the other aspects of finance

2. Each student should be given a dummy bank and investment account so that as they learn aspects of finance, they are able to have real-life experiences with their finances so that they will know how to apply what they are learning instead of just being told what to do and having no ability to relate what they’ve learned to their personal life.